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Mold Testing Services in Reston, VA

Are you looking for a professional mold testing service near me? If you recently experienced a flooded basement, a leaky roof, a broken sewer line, or a flooded bathroom, do not assume there is no mold because you do not see any of the spores or black spots in affected areas.

Unfortunately, mold spores are tiny and not visible using the naked eye. Professional mold air sampling is the only way to detect mold spores indoors or outdoors.

If you experienced water damage in your home or business, call UCM Upholstery Cleaning for professional mold testing services in Reston, VA. We carry out professional mold detection services, saving homeowners and property buyers money by shortening the time and damage that would result from acting too late.

Our Effective Home Mold Testing Service In Reston, VA

When you contact us for mold testing in Reston, VA, our experienced professionals arrive for effective mold testing. Our mold testing service involves a series of steps but takes the shortest time. Upon arrival, the experienced home mold testing professionals will explain to you or your designated staff the procedure they will take.

First, they conduct a thorough visual inspection, looking for the physical signs of mold infestation. They look out for rotten smells, spotted clothing, contaminated carpets, fungus on the surface, and furniture and interview occupants whether they have experienced unexplainable persistent coughing or sneezing lately.

Second, based on the previous visual examination, the staff will conduct swab sample collection on different surfaces they suspect to be infested. Then, they use specialized equipment to collect air samples from the infested room.

They send the samples to an independent laboratory, for close examination. The results indicate the infested rooms. During the meeting with the homeowner, the mold testing team will provide recommendations for mold removal or remediation.

Our Mold Detection Service

UCM Upholstery Cleaning offers these services to residential and commercial customers:

Sample Collection: Surface and Air Sampling

The air quality test is crucial for determining the presence of mold in your home or office. We perform air sampling and surface testing to identify mold spores in your home. Air sampling involves the collection of air samples from different rooms using specialized equipment.

For surface testing, we use swabs with a unique adhesive to collect the surface samples and label them appropriately to ease identifying the infested rooms. Sample collection is essential if you recently experienced water damage, but there is no visible mold growth.

Visual Mold Testing

Visual mold testing is often the initial step our professionals will conduct upon arrival at your home. The visual inspection process uses the naked eye to look out for the following signs of mold infestation in your home:

If you have seen any of the above signs, let our team know.

Checking Mold Sources

Another vital service we offer home and commercial property owners is inspecting sources of mold. We use humidity meters and infrared imaging to identify wet surfaces that may not be visible using the naked eye. The advanced technologies help identify damp areas, moisture, and water leaks.

Black Mold Testing

Our experienced professionals perform black mold testing on basement floors, the area under kitchen sinks, and even around indoor plumbing pipes. Typically, black mold is hard to see when it grows on dark surfaces. We use advanced imaging equipment to identify areas where mold growth is likely.

How Much Does Black Mold Testing Cost?

The mold testing cost depends on the scope of work and the number of samples. Contact us for estimates of black mold testing. We provide pocket-friendly services and deliver value for your money.

Save on Renovation Costs With Early Home Mold Testing

Do you need to call for a mold inspection? Get in touch with UCM Upholstery Cleaning for professional mold air sampling by calling us at 571-267-2278. We can save thousands of dollars on home renovation. Call us today for the best mold detection service.

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